Jayajaya Mahashakthi….Harihara Mahashakthi….Jayajaya Mahashathi….Harihara Mahashakthi….

Free Puja for everyone

In every temple there is puja and rites for the deities. In Sri Mahashakthi Peetam, every devotee who comes to worship Sri Mahashakthi is garlanded with all honors and a Sarva Dosha Nivarthi Puja is done ( to remove all doshas) after which the Moksha darshan is granted.

Pujas Details
1008 Moksha Deepam Having a darshan of the 1008 Moksha Deepam (1008 lamps) which are lit around the sanctum on every full moon ( purnima) day will remove your sins. It will also bring great fortune to you. This is the gospel of Bhagawan Shreesathyam.!
Purnima To have our wishes fulfilled, “where and when” we have to go and pray is very important. Shreesathya Bhagawan made this very easy for us. On Purnima day, having a darshan of Sri Mahashakthi will have our wishes fulfilled. On this day Mahashakthi blesses us for all the good things to happen in our life like marriage, good job, financial prosperity, happiness, health, etc. Bhagawan Shreesathyam gives darshan to all devotees individually, hearing their problems, blessing them and even guiding them.
Amavasya On this day, having darshan of Sri Mahashakthi is very important. In a month we spend 29 days of our life for family, friends and relatives. If we spend the remaining one day of the month to go and have a darshan of Mahashakthi, on the auspicious day of amavasya, it will clear all the blocks and hurdles in our life and remove negative energy. We also get protection from any kind or any type of black magic or evil spirits.
Dhana Abhisheka Aishwarya Puja. Nowhere in spiritual history there is a mention about money. For the first time, Bhagawan Shreesathyam says "We need money to live in this world. We need bhakthi to go to that world". This puja is to ensure financial prosperity, ensuring that money stays with you and multiplies, i.e. getting a new job, progress in career / business, prevention of financial loss in business, etc.
Mangalya Dosha Nivarthi Puja Only in the movies we see the hero and heroine getting married and closing title says "they lived happily everafter". Practically, real life starts only after marriage!!. If there is a mismatch between the bride and groom, life become hell. This puja brings the best suited life partner for you. It also clears obstacles for those who remain unmarried or where the marriage is getting delayed.
Thavamala Any one who wears the thavamala and climbs the Yelagiri hills by foot to get a darshan of Sri Mahashakthi will find their problems reducing and they would be climbing on the path of progress in their lives. This is also a divine solution for all problems. Therefore, this is being offered as a free service by the Sri Moksha peetam

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