Jayajaya Mahashakthi….Harihara Mahashakthi….Jayajaya Mahashathi….Harihara Mahashakthi….

MahaAvatar Bhagawan Shreesathyam

"Please do not come to me for mere satisfaction!. I always welcome those who come to me with a thirst to attain the real Truth ( Sathyam). Because, satisfaction can be achieved through external worldly attractions. It is temporary. Truth is attained through the light of the inner world. It is permanent. Satisfaction is an image of your own expectations which you have created yourself. Truth is beyond time and cannot be created by anybody. It is an image of your inner state. Those who search for the Truth attain immense joy and Moksha. They are blessed!! The ones who are in search of satisfaction get cheated by the falsehoods and attractions. And they lose hope...they are the unfortunates...Those who search for the Truth, attain immense joy and Moksha.

A True Mahaan
"In the name of amazement, bringing a lemon or a holy ash in front of a person is the work of a mere magician. Creating changes and miracles in the lives of those who come in search of him, without they being aware made aware of that, is a true Mahaan. What a devotee needs, is not holy ash or a lemon but a change in his life!!"

"What I do for you will be written there!
What you do for me will be written here!!"
You will not understand now what I am exactly doing for you...! When the time comes for you to understand that, you will feel immense happiness and ecstasy!!

- Bhagawan Shree Sathyam

Darshan of MahaAvatar Bhagawan Shreesathyam
A darshan of Bhagawan is a rare phenomenon. However, he gives darshan to all the devotees during full moon days or on specific occasions. Kindly contact Moksha Peetam office to confirm darshan dates.


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